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How to Save Money On Your Bathroom Renovation in Cape Town

If you've lived in Cape Town for a while you will know that Capetonians don't like to splash on bathroom or kitchen renovations let alone building. We like to score a buck where we can and believe that if you take care of the pennies the rand take care of themselves. This is why it's so important to learn how to save those pennies when redoing your bathroom.

So firstly you need to design your bathroom. Getting a design done by a professional designer could cost you a fortune sometimes up to R2000 per design. This can be done much more cost effectively by downloading bathroom design freeware. has wonderful free software that gives you a 3D view as well as floor plan and 2D views of your bathroom.

Secondly you will have to look at the materials you use. Like with everything in life you get cheap, OK and expensive. We all always want the expensive but our pockets aren't always deep enough for that so the "cheap" option will have to do for now. Instead of using veneer wood or Duco spray to finish your vanities in you can use vinyl wrap or melamine. Vinyl wrap is probably the best to use for the doors as it's waterproof and will be more durably than melamine. Vinyl wrap is a bit more expensive than melamine though but is well worth it in the long run.

When considering tiles use Terracotta tiles as Travertine tiles cost an arm and a leg. Travertine tiles are also very difficult to install and the spaces between the tiles have to be 2mm instead of the usual 4mm. Terracotta tiles can also be use to tile the walls and shower if needed.
Bathroom accessories like baths, showers, toilets and basins could cost more than a bathroom remodel itself so it's worthwhile planning what to install in your bathroom before you go out splashing. A drop in bath might not have the modern look of the freestanding bath but it's much more cost effective and if you buy brilliant white color bath it could still pull off the modern feel you want in your new bathroom. This can be applied to the toilet, basin and shower as well.

Another way to save money when doing a bathroom renovation in Cape Town is by using aluminum windows instead of wooden windows. Aluminum windows also don't have to be varnished once every six months and the windows hinges are covered with hard plastic protecting it from the salt air that rusts the wooden windows hinges.

If you dont want to remodel your own bathroom and would like a contractor to do it for you let us help you. Our designers would love to draw us a 3D layout of your bathroom and help you with great ideas on how to decorate it. Fill in the contact form on the left or give us a call on the number below:

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